Xbox Game Pass: Only two games confirmed for December for now

We are now waiting for the first games to be announced. Xbox Game Pass to arrive December 2023also given that the month in question makes itself seem a bit mysterious for the Microsoft subscription service, currently only available two games confirmed.

Usually, coming a few days after the official announcement, we already have a pretty firm idea of ​​the various titles that will be included in the catalog, but in this case, the mystery is pretty thick, considering there are only two confirmed titles. In fact, there are so few that they make up the bulk of December’s first batch.

The games currently confirmed for December 2023 on Xbox Game Pass are:

  • SteamWorld Build – December 1
  • Against the Storm – December 8

Two very different city builders

SteamWorld Build, a scene from the game

Oddly, both titles can be lumped together within the genre city ​​founderEven though they represent different meanings. SteamWorld Build presents typical images of the series and showcases the construction of cities and structures in this style; Against the Storm, on the other hand, combines rogue-like mechanics with city-building dynamics.

Frankly this should be a part of future games, of which there will probably be more. The problem is that it is also difficult to predict what other titles can be expected in the first part of the month in question.

The official announcement of the first Xbox Game Pass games in December 2023 is expected to arrive this week, or rather on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, at least according to the standard modus operandi for Microsoft’s service, so the wait is almost over now.

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