Intergalactic: The Heretic Prophet is a new trademark registered by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

February 12 Sony Interactive Entertainment was recorded new brand In the United States: Intergalactic: Heretic ProphetAs can be read, it is connected to the world of video games. Relevant page on the USPTO website (US Patent Office).


What does trademark registration hide?

It is virtually impossible to extract certain information from the record. The only suggestion comes from the title itself, which is definitely about a sci-fi setting considering it's “intergalactic.”

It is not yet known who is working on it. Whether new intellectual property is a hot topic Sony Santa MonicaDirected by Cory Barlog (2018's God of War), which is said to have a sci-fi setting? Or is it Naughty Dog's new intellectual property? Again: one of the many live services being developed at PlayStation Studios?

Given the limited information Sony doesn't have an announced game with this title, it could also be something else.

For the rest, we are truly groping in the dark, as they say.

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