Street Fighter 6 Type Arcade will be released in 2023

According to tradition, Street Fighter 6 will also be available in arcade form, the original version of the Capcom series, and in this case we learn: Street Fighter 6 Type Arcade will arrive 2023as recently reported.

Announcing the Street Fighter 6 cabinet coming soon taitoThe company is collaborating with Capcom to bring the game in question to arcades within the year, probably within a few weeks, considering we’re now almost at the end of 2023.

Considering that Street Fighter V: Type Arcade was released in 2019, the new part is a continuation of the name used previously and also according to the same collaboration between the two companies, apparently decided to expand it for this new version as well.

It’s a niche product now

Since it’s now a fairly niche product, Street Fighter 6 cabinets will perhaps be difficult to find outside of Japan, which remains the main market for such operations.

After an initial testing phase earlier this month, some demonstration stations were made available at the Entertainment Expo in Tokyo Big Sight this weekend in preparation for the final launch.

The game should be no different from the game already released on PC and console, including updates that have been released so far and implemented in the code, as well as any fixes that may come later, even if the game modes are likely focused on multiplayer.

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