Destiny 2: The Ultimate Forme’s new release date could be a problem for Sony

postponement Destiny 2: Ultimate Form This is not just for Bungie, which is currently in a major consequences crisis, but also sonyWe don’t know how big a gap this shift will create in the company’s current fiscal year expenses. In fact, the release is now scheduled for the next fiscal year, 2024-2025, so there will be no revenue from sales of the expansion in Sony’s annual financial statement.

Underlining this, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier took the opportunity to underline how the news was confirmed in his reporting for Bloomberg, in which he himself talked about the postponement of the publication date, which was rejected at the time. Bungie itself.

Following this news, Schreier was also subjected to many attacks from people who said they trusted him. developers And he’s not the only one trying to cause trouble. Instead, as is almost always the case, Schreier was ultimately right.


For those who don’t know, Bungie announced that Destiny 2: The Ultimate Forme has been postponed to June 4, 2024. The previous release date was set as February 2024.coup What impact would a similar decision have on Sony’s finances? What is certain is that these are never painless situations, especially considering the company’s recent policies towards live services. In addition to lost sales on the expansion pack, such a long delay could mean further diminishing player interest in Destiny 2 unless other promised content isn’t of high quality. Lower interest may result in lower income from in-game purchases and the like.

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