GTA 6: Rockstar created a secret playlist for trailers, will there be anything new coming?

GTA 6 It is still far away, but it continues to be one of the games that gamers talk about and follow the most. Now we learn that Rockstar Games has created one. New playlist on your YouTube channel It only includes the already known announcement trailer. Why is it relevant? This move could potentially indicate that the developer is preparing to release new videos about Grand Theft Auto 6.

Information discovered by Twitter user GameRollGTA. Through the GTA 6 announcement video viewed via the official website, the user noticed a link to the YouTube playlist, which is actually hidden and cannot be found in any other way. It also doesn't have a title. The fact that it is hidden helps to believe that there is something behind it. The playlist URL was created today, February 12, 2024, based on the Wayback Machine, which saves web pages.

Frankly the fact that Rockstar created a secret playlist This doesn't necessarily mean new things are coming. He may have done this in anticipation of future trailers so that he has everything he needs ready. There's no indication that another trailer will be on the way anytime soon.

GTA 6, first (and for now only) trailer

The GTA 6 announcement trailer was a huge success. While writing this news, he was actually boasting: 174 million views. 60 million revenue was generated in the first 12 hours, which was a great indicator of interest in the game.

Additionally, Take-Two (Rockstar's parent company) stated that players are much more interested in GTA 6 than GTA 5.

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