Will there be Dead by Daylight 2? Team sees “no reason” to work on a new game

Dead by Daylight has been a perennial success, and fans have been wondering if the team is ready to release or even announce the second installment. Unfortunately for those who wait Dead by Daylight 2the wait still seems too long.

The team itself explained the issue by speaking to MP1st. report It ties into the crossover between Dead by Daylight and Alien. Mathieu Côté, Head of Partnerships at Behavior Interactive, said there is no reason to create Dead by Daylight 2 right now.

Behavior Interactive’s words about Dead by Daylight 2

Nicholas Cage has already arrived in Dead by Daylight

MP1st asked: “As the game continues to have great support, has Behavior ever considered making Dead by Daylight 2? Or is there no need to do so given the live service nature of the game?”

Côté later responded: “We want to focus on our core game and continue to expand. Dead by Daylight isn’t going anywhere, there are more stories to tell, so there’s no point in starting a new story.”

This is not a surprising answer, we must admit. After all, Dead by Daylight is a live service The only reason to make a sequel would be to completely change the technical infrastructure of the game or revolutionize the design. Dead by Daylight can expand with crossovers (like Nicholas Cage’s) and updates. Moreover, moving old players to a new division would probably be more risk than benefit.

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