Elden Ring is completed in 20 attacks using only headshots, here is the video

More than a year and a half has passed since its release. Hand RingBut it’s clear that fans around the world haven’t abandoned FromSoftware’s game yet. In particular, it is the content creators who try to keep it as fresh as possible by testing themselves with a variety of special challenges that push the game’s possibilities to the limit. Now, for example, we could see a Hand to Ring match. Completed in exactly 20 shotsopenly head shots with bow.

The challenge, seen in small format in the video above, was completed by: Ainrun, Twitch streamer and YouTuber. The creator has set himself the following goal: hit enemies in the head, or if there is no headshot zone (which follows special rules for damage, as we will see shortly), optimize the damage as much as possible to complete the damage. Fight with the least number of shots.

Actually, you should know that this is possible in Elden Ring, as in other FromSoftware games. Hitting enemies’ heads and thus dealing additional damage. With a normal attack the difference isn’t that big, but if you create an entire character designed to deal massive damage you can take out many bosses with a single headshot.

As we see in the video, it is served in total 20 hits to complete the game. Some of them were not technically head shots, but were situations where the second shot was mandatory and eliminated the enemy anyway. Additionally, “multi-hit” strategies have also been used in some cases; This means that an arrow can pass through the enemy’s body and deal damage multiple times as it is activated several times (usually it is difficult to do more than twice). . This obviously only works if the enemy is very large, like the Fire Giant and Ancestral Beast.

Power-up routine in Elden Ring

For many the question is also “How is it possible to cause this much damage?“. Obviously, in addition to having good statistics, it is necessary to benefit from a number of percentage improvements connected, above all, with talismans, equipment and skills.

The entire explanation is long and complex, but suffice it to say that it is possible to obtain the gods. Give yourself power-ups that cause bleeding, poisoning, and insanity. (If you equip the right items). Other “enchantments” and weapon abilities are added later. For example, Golem’s bow is used to shoot arrows, but he holds Radhan’s bow in his left hand to power his arrows.

Obviously then it is necessary I actually hit the enemy’s headThis is no easy feat, especially with the final boss, Radagon, who can deflect attacks from a distance when simply attacked. In this case, the content creator therefore chose to make an association that would distract the enemy.

Defeated multiple bosses with a single hit (though multiple attempts and tests were required each time), although some need more arrows. The Fire Giant was understandably the toughest enemy, needing five hits. Sacriderm Duo needed one hit per enemy (so two hits total), while Radagon and Ancestral Beast needed two hits.

The same creator also made the first fully co-op game without any damage.

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