The Last of Us Day, September 2023: There will be no announcements about games or series, official

Naughty Dog will celebrate tomorrow The Last of Us DayBut you must immediately abandon all your hopes: during a special live broadcast there will be no news about new games or TV shows. Developer PlayStation Studios has relied on X to dampen any excitement, confirming it will focus on “art, merchandising and more.” The studio continues: “While we honor the series’ decades-long legacy, we will not be discussing any future game or TV series projects.”

The Last of Us Day — formerly known as Outbreak Day — rarely provided major news for fans: It was designed to celebrate the community built around Joel and Ellie’s stories without sharing over-the-top announcements.

The Last of Us Day, when will we talk about multiplayer?

The Last of Us Part I

First of all, the center of attention is the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us, which was officially confirmed by Naughty Dog a while ago. However, it seems that development is not going in the right direction. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier It was reported some time ago that the multiplayer project had been scaled back following a recent review by Sony and Bungie. This has led to “a slowdown in development” while “creators reevaluate its quality and long-term viability.” At this point, we don’t even know if this game will actually see the light of day or if it will eventually be cancelled.

On the television side, HBO has approved the second season of The Last of Us, which will adapt an episode of The Last of Us: Part II. However, production was halted due to the WGA strike, so it’s unclear how far along they are on the project.

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