Wayfinder: A trailer for PC, PS5 and PS4 introducing Venomess, one of the MMO’s playable characters

Airship Syndicate developers have created a new animated trailer related to Direction Finders To players at PAX East 2023 toxicA new playable character that will be available at the launch of the MMO action RPG on PC, PS5 and PS4.

Made by the studio founded by cartoonist Joe Madureira, the game throws us into Evenor, a world on the brink of collapse, between fantasy and steampunk. deadly stealth and melee magic to mystical technologies.

Also among them is Venomess, the protagonist of today’s movie, who will specialize in stealth and remotely destroying targets with a sniper rifle from the first animated sequences, which will be followed by a more comprehensive presentation in the future.

Wayfinder will be available on PC and PlayStation consoles throughout 2023, and later on other platforms. It is a free-to-play, cooperative online action inspired by the mechanics of MMORPGs of the past, as described in our Wayfinder review published a few weeks ago.

“As with Darksiders, Joe Madureira once again finds himself at the head of a project where he has the freedom to shape it into his image and likeness, and after a few hours of grappling with Wayfinder we are delighted to see his hand show up. Among the many elements that make up this complex action RPG With the studio’s ambition never been higher and the birthplace of Warframe, founded by Digital Extremes’ Cartoonist with the help of a holy free-to-play monster, the studio is willing to achieve yet another great success. We’ll see, but for now our expectations are really high. .

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