LEGO 2K Drive will have micro-processes for optional items

LEGO 2K Drive will have an internal shop where players can purchase various items optional itemswill require you to use a premium currency, some of which can be obtained with real money. existence microtransactions Confirmed in an interview by creative director Brain Silva.

“The LEGO 2K Drive will have an internal store called Unkie’s Emporium where players can pick up optional items, including new vehicles, minifigures, and more,” Silva told Wccftech. “There are two types of items in the shop, items that you can buy using Brickbux by playing the game, or items that you can buy using coins that you buy with real currency.”

Silva added that “safety and responsibility” are two of the core values ​​that developers follow in incorporating microtransactions, who are well aware that the title will be played by children and minors in general. In this context, parents may want to block purchases in real currency.

“Safety and accountability were top priorities for us when creating LEGO 2K Drive. To ensure that parents can make the right decisions on behalf of their child, a player must create a 2K account to make purchases. If underage, their account must be verified. In-game cash purchases by an adult capable of inhibiting.”

We remind you that the Lego 2K Drive will be available from: May 19th For PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. If you want to learn more, we recommend reading our tried and tested arcade racing game from LEGO and 2K.

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