Resident Evil 4 Remake for PC: A mod adds DLSS with better performance than FSR

Resident Evil 4 Remake it’s only been available in stores for a few hours and yet there are many on the internet. mode for the PC version. One of them gets a lot of attention for adding it. DLSS supportIt seems to guarantee better performance than FSR 2.1.

The proof comes from a video published by MxBenchamarkPC comparing performance between DLSS and FSR 2.1 using the RTX 3060 and i7 10700F configuration, running the game at the highest preset at 1440p resolution with ray tracing enabled. As we can see, the fps count is usually higher with modified DLSS than the FSR 2.1 officially supported by the game.

Below you will find instructions for download and install the mod if you are interested:

  • Download REFramework (Upscaler Beta) from: Here.
  • Download UpscalerBasePlugin from: Here.
  • Download nvngx dlss.dll from here Here.
  • Extract all files and place them in the main folder of the game, including the re4.exe file (open the Steam library to find it, right-click on RE4 and select Manage > Browse local files).
  • Start the game. The REFramework dropdown should now appear, select “Temporal Upscaler” and select “DLSS”.
  • At this point it will be possible to play Resident Evil 4 with DLSS, but be sure to disable FSR to avoid problems.

Obviously, since this is a mod and not an official integration by the developers, you may encounter some issues of various kinds, in which case you can disable the mod from the same menu of REFramerwork mentioned above.

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