Until Dawn: Remaster for PS5 and PC announced with a trailer at State of Play

Here's another rumor confirmed at tonight's State of Play: reorganize related to until dawnSupermassive's cinematic horror film has been reworked by Ballistic Moon into a new version arriving in 2024. trailer.

The game in question is one of the new intellectual properties that appeared on PS4 and started the Supermassive horror genre that we saw between the previous generation and this generation, and they are all based on the same concept.

In essence, this is anarrative adventure focuses on the choices that shape events.

The most appropriate description is probably “interactive movie“, given that the gameplay is limited to a few choices to be made to direct the story down various paths, but the amount of possible variations is notable, as is the overall technical execution.

An interactive horror movie

Until Dawn takes classic horror elements

We have seen something similar in The Dark Pictures Anthology series, and in this case we are returning to the origins of this idea with the re-release of Until Dawn, the game where it all started, in a sense.

As far as we can see in the trailer situations, story and characters They look like they've been faithfully taken from the original, and everything has been technically reworked with a new, more advanced graphic design.

It's hard to tell the extent of the work that's been done, given that the original already has remarkable graphics and is in essence an “interactive movie” or almost, but from what we can see it looks more like a remaster than a remaster. true remake.

The leak of the Until Dawn remaster has therefore been confirmed, at this point we are waiting for official information about the game's release and other details.

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