Sonic X Shadow Generations announced during State of Play

As announced, a new game from the Sonic series was announced during the State of Play: Sonic X Shadow Generationswith a lot game trailer. In short, the rumors that appeared recently turned out to be true.
Let's see the video:

Between old and new

Sonic x Shadow Generations offers an experience that combines classic and more modern Sonics. Meanwhile, there is talk of a remastered version of Sonic Generations in which all content has been graphically remastered. So we will have brighter 2D and 3D levels than ever before, with increased resolution and other additions that will bring them closer to the tastes of contemporaries.

However, innovation is New Campaignunreleased, starring Shadow the Hedgehog and his incredible talents, some never seen before.

Sonic x Shadow Generations will be released soon 2024but not just on PS5. The game is also in development for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox Series X/S. The PC version can be purchased on Steam and Epic Games Store.

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