State of Play: New event announced for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, date and time

If the event broadcast on January 31 was not enough for you, know that Sony has another event Game Status this time for next week Dedicated to Final Fantasy RebirthAhead of its release on PS5 on February 29, 2024.

Mark the date and time on your calendar: the appointment is set at: Tuesday, February 6, 2024 00:30 Italian. Sony has confirmed that the show will be single-themed, meaning the only game shown will be Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

On this occasion, Square Enix will announce new details about the gameplay together with the “advertisement” Other news you don't want to miss“. It must be said that the time is not very suitable for us Europeans, but rest assured, you will find all the news about the new adventure of Cloud and his friends summarized on the pages.

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