Until Dawn: A Sony movie with big names behind it is now in production

David F. Sandberg – best known in recent years as the director of Shazam! – signed a deal to direct until dawnA. film adaptation A synopsis of the horror video game created by Screen Gems and PlayStation Productions for PlayStation, exclusively reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Screen Gems describes the project as an R-rated love letter to the horror genre, centered around a large cast.

Gary DaubermanThe screenwriter of the horror franchises It, Annabelle and The Nun is written by Blair Butler, who originally wrote Sony's vampire thriller The Invitation.

Dauberman, who signed a deal with Screen Gems and Sony to produce horror films late last year, is producing Until Dawn under the Coin Operated banner. Producers also include Sandberg and Lotta Losten under their Mångata banner, Vertigo Entertainment's Roy Lee, and PlayStation Productions' Asad Qizilbash and Carter Swan.

Sandberg delivered Short horror films in Sweden – hometown – before one of his films, Closet Space, caught the attention of Hollywood. He made his debut in New Line's Lights Out, a low-budget hit, and was then assigned to direct the Conjuring horror film Annabelle: Creation, written by Dauberman, which grossed a total of $305 million worldwide on a budget of $15 million. dollar. He later directed both of DC's Shazam films.

Until Dawn, which game is this?

First published in 2015 until dawn is a narrative horror adventure that follows the reunion of eight friends in a remote mountain retreat. When a mysterious assassin emerges from the darkness, the player must make a series of choices that will result in the survival or death of various characters. The game was created by Supermassive Games, which later worked on The Dark Pictures Anthology and The Quarry.

In recent years PlayStation Productions has been pushing transfers more and more, and last year The Last of Us, Gran Turismo and Twisted Metal moved from the console world to the big and small screen.

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