Rock Band ends 4-week DLC: Fortnite Festival now priority for Harmonix

Harmonix confirmed: DLC for Rock Band 4 they will stop publishing After January 25. The company will prioritize its newest game, Fortnite Festival.

After more than eight years of broadcasts “Although DLC releases are released weekly for Rock Band 4, we are here to inform you that January 25th will be the last DLC release of the RB4 era,” product manager Daniel Sussman explains in the announcement on the official website. Continue as normal, including Rivals seasons, online play, and everything else.” Sussman says you won't lose access to purchased songs either: “To be very clear, you'll be able to play songs you own in Rock Band 4 for as long as you want.” .”

Although Rock Band 4 started receiving DLC ​​in 2015 The release of downloadable songs dates back to the original 2007 game. A two-year pause in DLC releases from 2013 to 2015 was the only interruption to this steady stream of content, with new songs added every week since Rock Band 4's launch in October 2015. It's certainly one of the most impressive displays of post-launch support in gaming history.

Fortnite Festival beats Rock Band

Fortnite Festival

“Looking ahead, the Harmonix team has been Fortnite FestivalBringing rhythm action gameplay (and beyond) to the Fortnite ecosystem,” Sussman explains in the announcement: “It's free, we have a variety of songs you can play whenever you want (for free). If you're a fan of the rhythm game category, Fortnite Festival is the place to be; And with RB4 instrument support on the way, it's not time to hang up your guitars just yet.”

Harmonix was acquired by Epic Games in 2021, and Fortnite Festival was developed as part of Epic's effort to turn Fortnite into a metadatabase full of content, including LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing.

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