Netflix awards new features among the 10 most watched TV series and movies in Italy in mid-January 2024

netflix revealed Ranking of the most watched movies and TV series On the platform in Italy between January 8-14, 2024. The top 10 of the most watched foreign TV series are as follows:

  1. One Deception Too Many – miniseries
  2. House of Paper Berlin – Season 1
  3. Love + VAT
  4. Detective Forst – Season 1
  5. Six games you've had in Gemini compared – miniseries
  6. Brothers Suns – Season 1
  7. The Good Doctor – Season 6
  8. A Great Mistake – Season 1
  9. The Child Devours the Universe – miniseries
  10. A Professor – season 1

Between news of the week We find the miniseries Detective Forst – Season 1, The Brothers Suns – Season 1 and Boy Devours Universe -. The longest-running series in this Top 10 are A Splendid Mistake – Season 1 (six weeks) and A Professor – Season 1 (eight weeks), the latter of which is gearing up for the arrival of season two on January 21.

Most watched movies in Italy on Netflix

Top 10 Movies Italy 8 January 14 January 2024

on the subject movie ranking Most watched on Netflix between January 8-14, 2024 include:

  1. love blackmail
  2. To pick up
  3. snow society
  4. For all life
  5. It's for your own good
  6. Don't worry
  7. the most beautiful day
  8. Father Stu
  9. Best Weapon Maverick
  10. Rebel Moon – Part One: Daughter of Fire

news of the week For Netflix, these are few in terms of feature films: only the top two spots are in the Top 10 for the first time. The rest of the lineup is a reversal from last week, with only Top Gun Maverick and Rebel Moon available for longer (4 weeks each, which is plenty for movies).

We leave you with the previous week's data for comparison.

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