The Pale Beyond, launch trailer and Steam release date –

Beyond Breath owner lunch promotion this is a release date It’s official: The spooky adventure on ice developed by Bellular Studios will be available at: Steam From February 24.

As you may recall, we tried The Pale Beyond last September: the game is entirely in English, but beyond that. thick narrative frame and a system elections and results really versatile and effective in making a difference.

“The Pale Beyond’s premise is excellent and could represent something important within its own genre if it manages to maintain its focus to the full without getting lost along the way or channeled into overly predictable forms.” Simone wrote our Tagliaferri.

“Even if we don’t know how much everything will affect the story’s ending, it’s a great sense of satisfaction to see the choices made produce effects. However, video game fans focused on storytelling should at least try the demo, as it’s worth it while they wait for the final version.”

In the game’s synopsis, “Five years ago, Viscount and his crew sailed through the Pale Passage Strait in search of the South Magnetic Pole.” “The ship and crew were lost in the ice and never seen again. Her sister ship Temperance will sail the same course, hoping to find answers where the Viscount has failed.”

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