Project Q officially canceled by Ubisoft, no game testing in coming months –

Q Project has been deleted officially ubisoft, via a message posted on the game’s official Discord channel. It is unclear at the moment whether it is one of the three canceled games that the company has mentioned in recent days, because it is also known that they have not been announced yet. The fourth cancellation in the last few weeks and the eighth cancellation in the last six months? Will it be one of the twelve battle royale games in development?

Project Q was launched in April 2022. The public’s reaction was decidedly lukewarm at the time, and the game soon disappeared from the radar due to general disinterest. Also, it doesn’t seem to have particularly impacted during. game test the last few months

More game tests are planned for the first half of 2023 and will no longer be held.

It seems that the publisher is cutting off all stillborn projects where players are interested in almost nothing. In the sent message ConflictUbisoft started by customarily complimenting the community and reminding them of the excitement of the first playtest, then announced: “Unfortunately we had to cancel scheduled closed tests because development of Project Q will be halted. That means we have to shut down the Discord server too.”

The message then states that he has no further information to convey, limiting himself to thanking everyone again for the support and inviting the rest to share their memories until the servers shut down in the next few days.

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