The LEGO version of The Witcher: CD Projekt shares an unofficial set of the highest quality

LEGO excels everywhere, even in the game world, and always. It seems that every series can be recreated in LEGO style, but frankly, not many people have gotten this treatment yet. An example is The Witcher. But now we can see a LEGO set dedicated to the witcher, unfortunately this is only a fan creation, not an official product.

BrickPanda82, the creator of this The Witcher-themed fake LEGO set, who shared some images on X and then caught the attention of CD Projekt RED.

The Witcher LEGO: A possible video game combination?

The video game version of The Witcher LEGO may come as a pleasant surprise to many. Over the years we’ve seen many IPs like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel and DC get the LEGO treatment. As a rule, LEGO games have a comic style that can be easily applied to any context and story.

The Witcher is certainly very dramatic, but a lighter version could be interesting. So a LEGO version doesn’t sound impossible considering the saga on CD Projekt is so active between remakes and new episodes. Let’s hope the Polish team can come to an agreement in this regard.

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