Sea of ​​Stars will also be released as a physical version on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation.

Sea of ​​StarsAn upcoming RPG will also be released on August 29. physical format by iam8bit. The disk/cartridge version release time is scheduled for: early 2024 On PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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Sea of ​​Stars, what kind of RPG is it?

Sea of ​​Stars will offer turn-based combat

Sea of ​​Stars a classic turn-based RPG. It tells the story of two Solstice Children who are able to combine their Sun and Moon-based powers to perform the Eclipse spell, the only one who can stop the creations of an alchemist known as The Fleshmancer.

This RPG aims to recreate one classic style but modernized in various elements. Battles, for example, include moments when you have to time keys to power up your attacks. It also aims to eliminate long “grinding” phases by eliminating the need to constantly upgrade characters in order to keep going. In this case, there will not always be transitions for battles with a fluid progression, which is also guaranteed by the various movement abilities of the characters who can swim, climb, walk on narrow ropes, move optimally by taking advantage of height differences. the three-dimensionality of the game world.

You can try Demo now on Steam.

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