Tomb Raider news coming? Official site says sign up for new announcements

A recent update Tomb Raider’s official site invite players sign up For being the first to “know” about the “latest news on the Tomb Raider series”, including “rewards, specials, merchandise, releases and more”.

If you combine the timing of the sudden site update with rumors from Crystal Dynamics will announce a game later this year – Leaks from famed Miller Ross, who have accurately divulged information about Marvel’s Avengers, are enough to convince Lara Croft fans that it’s time to make an announcement about the next installment of the saga.

You can do Sign up for the Tomb Raider newsletter here.

Tomb Raider: What news can we expect?

Obviously for now it’s just speculation and Crystal Dynamics trying to create and expand its own player community, especially since it’s no longer part of Square Enix (and thus has no access to its social channels). company).

In fact, we remember that Crystal Dynamics is now part of the Embracer Group. However, we do not know how this company plans to use the Tomb Raider series.

As a reminder, Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live is approaching, so there’s a possibility that an announcement is planned for that show.

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