The Last of Us Part 1: patch available for PC, here are the changes

There computer version related to The Last of Us Part 1 got a new one a few hours ago patch to solve the problems of this port in a few days.

The PC version of The Last of Us, which was released last March 28, is still in non-optimal conditions with developers quickly releasing updates to address the flaws of this transformation.

According to the official notes published; Naughty Dog official siteThe patch mainly aims to fix issues with sound, game interface and graphics and add new audio compatibility options. It is also recommended that you download the latest version of GeForce Game Ready drivers (531.62).

As for the configurations with NVIDIA GPUsFixed graphical issues and app crashes when using Ultra settings. Also, the level of detail in the characters’ hair has been increased to make it look less choppy when using an RTX 3070. Also, fixed an issue with the use of AMD FSR 2 that caused the surrounding environment to become corrupted when using a flashlight.

In addition, various more or less well-known graphical flaws such as reflections of water and torches, animations of characters playing at high framerates, and even lighting and fog have been fixed. settings in Ultra. Fixed an issue that caused textures with lower quality than the preset selected in settings to appear on the screen.

Meanwhile, the community is already working on creating a mod with a first-person view of The Last of Us Part 1.

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