Farming Simulator turns 15: authors thank the community

Farming Simulator succeeded 15 years. The authors then celebrated the event with a private message and a video, which you can see just below.

“They were caught on the way many achievementsAs shown in the Anniversary Trailer: From the co-op multiplayer mode with Farming Simulator 2011 and the introduction of portable versions of the series with Farming Simulator 2012, followed by console versions in 2013, to the creation of an official eSports league with Farming Simulator 19, cross-platform with Farming Simulator 22″ up to multiplayer.

The team says they’re always “hiring someone” close contact with the agricultural sector and related companies” and now boasts more than 150 official brands, thanks to a wealth of free and premium content “to promote even more famous farming brands, brand new machines and additional game elements.”

Giants also said that the franchise’s only moddinghowever, it “strongly supports” it, revealing that the internal quality assurance department not only edits mods but “actively tests submitted mods while providing official mod tools and tutorials”.

“We have to express our gratitude to all the fans who have joined us over the years,” he said. Christian Ammann, CEO of Giants Software. “Especially to those who have been with us from the beginning, and to all the talented and dedicated fans who have created an almost endless amount of user-generated content. Rest assured, we will continue to make Farming Simulator even better in the future, with you and our partners”.

Did you know that farmers use the game to test their tractors and decide which one to buy?

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