The Last of Us 2 on PS4 returns to the top of the charts thanks to the HBO TV series

Among the side effects of its success HBO series related to what’s left of us There is also a significant pull applied video game sales The take on the series is an effect Sony has bet on a lot and seems to be paying off.

Thus, while the series ends, we also witness the re-start of the series. The Last of Us 2 tops the PS4 sales chartsalthough not directly connected to the events in the series, which focuses more on the first episode.

It’s no surprise that the game is back among the top downloads. 1st place in software sales listsWhen it comes to the PS4 section of the PlayStation Store, it’s certainly impressive considering the time that has elapsed since its launch.

Still, The Last of Us 2 ranks first in North America and Europe, and we find Hogwarts Legacy on PS5 instead. Not only that: the TV series influence brought The Last of Us: Remastered back in the rankings, demonstrating how successful the video game franchise’s relaunch was thanks to the excellent results the TV series achieved.

As for the latter, we’re now gearing up for the arrival of Episode 9 and the season finale, while on the video game front we saw the details and system requirements announced by Sony for The Last of Us Part I on PC this week.

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