Roblox may come to PlayStation soon, according to a datamine –

roblox It’s a rather strange situation: for all intents and purposes one of the most successful video games in the world, but for many of the most passionate gamers it seems almost non-existent, but in fact arrive soon Open play station It would be big news.

Or rather, it would be if the matter were confirmed: for the moment we only have one kind of information. data mining It was performed on Roblox code, where the word “PlayStation” clearly appears, which seems to have been added for the preparation of software versions and settings for Sony consoles.

As you can see in the tweet above, PlayStation appeared as “Quest” in a recent update, possibly referring to a possible Roblox platform and also the Meta viewer. However, even if the source is something quite reliable, these are still just rumors, especially the files inside the game.

Meanwhile, Roblox continues to grind millions of players and billions in revenue, and it’s expanding even further. It is a very popular game especially by the young audience and especially on mobile platforms, but it is also available on Xbox. In fact, it’s a pretty significant privilege for video game enthusiasts in terms of the number of users involved, even if it’s almost never considered because it’s a bit outside of the classic realm.

In any case, after all these years, a possible PlayStation release would be reasonable expecting to see any development on the matter. We recently saw Valentino Rossi launching his virtual world in Robolox and Frontlines turning the game into a Call of Duty-defying FPS.

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