vice president Jon Spector leaves Blizzard –

Jon Spectorvice president and commercial leader of the franchise more observationsannounced Will leave Blizzard At the end of March, after a six-year career at the Irvine company.

The announcement came with a post he made on Twitter. Spector did not reveal the reasons behind this decision, but he did state that working on Overwatch was the highlight of his career and Overwatch 2 is in good hands thanks to Aaron Keller (game director). Jared Neuss (executive producer).

“After six great years I’ve decided to give up my sword and will be leaving Blizzard at the end of March. Working on Overwatch has been the highlight of my career: Team 4 shows tremendous talent and passion in their work every day.” Said Spector on Twitter.

“Thanks to everyone at Blizzard and also the entire Overwatch community for making this incredible chapter of my career possible! Will continue to post Moira’s memes and highlights as a DPS on Twitter. There are so many exciting things to come for Overwatch as a player. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve worked relatively closely with the rest of the team leadership through this transition and I know the team is in good hands with Aaron Keller, Jared Neuss and the rest of the team.”

Spector began his career at Blizzard as the senior director of the Overwatch League. He was promoted to head of the OWL, where he was the face of the league for about three years, about a year. Shortly after, he was promoted to business leader again and vice president of the Overwatch franchise.

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