The Division 2 surpasses 20 million players

part 2 exceeded 20 million players. Ubisoft Massive made the announcement, which took the opportunity to thank the players for their passion and support for the game. It also reiterated that it will soon launch Season 1 of its fifth year, called Broken Wings, with an update that will be available starting June 8, 2023.

To celebrate the launch of the new season, the developers will be holding a celebratory broadcast at 5:15 pm on June 7 to show off what the new content is. The tweet with the announcement invites all players to connect to the game. Official Twitch channel of the series to find out what awaits them.

In short, The Division 2 seems to have not come to an end yet. Although the success is not as expected, 20 million players still seems like a good number. At least one of those who can boast in public. Considering they’ve matured for over five years and the figure doesn’t include some key metrics like monthly active users and retention, which are fundamental to understanding a game’s viability, it’s hard to say if they’re enough for a sequel. live service.

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