Diablo 4: price of horse armor causes controversy and brings to mind Oblivion

Inside Diablo 4 you can buy some horse armor divided into various parts. The total cost of decorating a horse and displaying it on social media is between $8 and $15. This certainly isn’t the first time it’s been possible to purchase in-game items for horses or various mounts, but many didn’t quite like the expense and, ironically, reconsidered two notorious armors for horses. The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionIt was a huge sensation at the time and caused little controversy, despite costing a total of $2.49.

Oblivion’s horse armor discussion brings a smile to today’s microtransactions

Think about it, despite the criticisms of the time, Bethesda was right in every way: Modern gamers are willing to spend a lot of money on simple beauty items just for the sake of showing off online. Back then (we’re talking about 2007) it makes you smile, Todd HowardTo end the controversy, the game’s director had to make it public that the Oblivion horse armor DLC was a fiasco. Many players saw not getting anything as a waste of money. How time changes. Now Blizzard sells armor for the gods divided into helmets, saddles and everything else Price:%s those of a full-budget game overall, general quiet complaint, but it doesn’t seem to have an impact on the game’s overall sales. After all, we’re talking about a practice so common now that most people don’t even realize it.

As always, it’s fair to underline that these are optional purchases, but the comparison between what is considered the first DLC in history and where we are today is also interesting to understand how the industry has changed.

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