Insomniac Games confirms Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be dark without losing its humor

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 It will tell a darker story, but still, just like the previous two films, “warmth and humor” will remain key to the upcoming sequel.

he says so creative director Bryan Suicidewho recently addressed the issue in an interview with Eurogamer. Talking about the game’s darker tone, Intihar said that this was naturally due to the narrative choices made by the studio.

“We have Kraven, which we confirmed at the beginning of the presentation, and it was clear that we were showing Venom when we announced the game, and now that symbiote and Pete are connected to the symbiote, naturally there will be some darker elements in the story.” said. “The important thing is to respect these characters and what they add to the overall experience.”

However, Suicide says the game has a certain place. balance rather than leaning too heavily on those darker tones and that some of these elements can also be seen in the endgame reveal.

“What we talk about a lot is that our games still have to be played, whether it’s Marvel’s Spider Man or Miles Morales. warmth and humor“It’s about finding a balance between darker themes and characters, but also delivering a very human story with a lot of warmth and humour… I think that was tough. But I think we found a good balance in the end.”

“You’ve seen that in the game presentation. We have moments with Ganke, Miles, and the following Falcon – the Talon drone – and at the end, Peter’s displacement and Miles’ ‘You Know, it’s never been like that, right? We have both the serious side and the milder side, where we see the symbiote affecting Peter.”

Suicide later added that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s narrative team consisted of: Jon Paquette and Benjamin ArfmannHaving both worked on Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, he has done a “great job” of finding the right balance when it comes to the game’s tone.

“They did a great job,” he said. “But it’s very, very difficult. But that’s what we owe the players. We owe it to them to balance these dark themes with the symbiote, Kraven and Venom and maybe others. But at the same time, you know, making people laugh also makes people laugh.” “.

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