Tencent would spend around 1.45 billion euros for Techland

Techland It may have cost Tencent around 1.45 billion euros. We are talking about the acquisition transaction, which was announced in July 2023, the details of which were not disclosed (there is no such obligation since Techland is not traded on the stock exchange).

Rather, Bankier.pl newspaper He cites 6.3 billion Polish zlotys, calling it the largest acquisition of 2023 for a Polish company, followed by Entain CEE's acquisition of STS Holding, estimated at 3.9 billion Polish zlotys.

In short, the market value of the Dying Light company was really important, considering the success of its games. Consider that the first and second parts, despite being available for several years (especially the first one, released in 2015), still recorded significant peaks in player count.

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