Mojang announces Minecraft Legends will no longer be supported: No more updates

Blackbird Interactive and Mojang announced: Minecraft Legends will no longer receive updates. The game will continue to be available with all its features, but players no longer need to wait for new content.

Via the official Minecraft website, Mojang wrote: “Since launch, we've worked hard with Blackbird Interactive to make improvements and new features to Minecraft Legends based on your feedback. We've taken a completely new approach to gameplay with Minecraft Legends, so much so that we had to invent a new genre. (more or less) “Action strategy. Our community has always helped shape our games, and that's something we really appreciate, especially when we're releasing a completely new game.”

He also notes: “We've listened to community feedback and implemented a number of changes and adjustments to improve the game. Once complete, it's now We will take a step back in development. While we won't be releasing new content (e.g. updates, Lost Legends or Marketplace DLC) for Minecraft Legends, the fun doesn't end there. We will continue to enjoy the game together with our community.”

“Of course we will continue to provide technical support to players. We will not remove any features or a feature from the game. PvP and co-op will also remain fully functional, so you can continue to play alone or battle with your friend (or friends).”

One last gift for Minecraft Legends players

Bright-Eyed Hero

But the developers wanted to give one last gift to the players of the action strategy game: Bright-Eyed Hero skinIt can be claimed on the Minecraft Legends Marketplace. The team explains it this way: “Light your way and keep fighting the good fight!”

Additionally, Mojang explains: “Ours Lost Legends challenges The existing ones will remain available free of charge, and you can continue to enjoy the fruits of your victory.”

One of the last major updates extends to December 2023.

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