Marvel series director Echo talks about how being transgender and Navajo helped her

There manager related to EchoSydney Freeland explains how to become transgender and Navajo It helped him connect with Maya Lopez, the heroine of the Marvel series on Disney Plus.

“According to me, come from various marginalized communitiesFreeland says, “I'm used to being misrepresented and portrayed poorly in the media. So when I saw that she was a deaf, indigenous character, that was incredibly exciting to me because things that might be foreign or different to the world, folks, those are incredibly normal to me.” This is the space I love to be in. This is the space I love to operate in.”

“However, my personal experience helped shape my approach to this project,” Freeland continues. “And because I'm not deaf“It allowed me to open up to people who had been through this experience and had the necessary skills to join the project and help us shape the story.”

Each episode of Echo begins with a colorful story explaining the plot. History of the Choctaw people. Freeland said he and his crew traveled to Oklahoma and met with the Choctaw Nation before filming to ask for permission and begin a dialogue. This was very important to Freeland.

“Growing up, it was always exciting to see a Native American character on the big screen, whether it was Dances with Wolves or Smoke Signals. Whenever there was a Native American character, I threw myself into it and experienced it fully,” says Freeland. . “So to have an entire Marvel series led by an indigenous character, a deaf character, incredibly exciting. It's incredibly rewarding. “I can't wait for people to meet Maya Lopez.”

What is Marvel's Echo about?

Maya Lopez

The series consists of five episodes, Quotes from events in Hawkeye Season 1 and sees Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) returning to her hometown in Oklahoma; There she must reconnect with her Native American roots and rediscover the meaning of family and community in order to heal and move forward with her life.

Yeast is there first deaf, indigenous and amputee superhero It will be animated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He and Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye, manage to bond briefly due to the hero's deafness in one ear. Barton tells him, in sign language, the devastating news that started the events in the TV series Echo.

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