System Shock, the trailer for the remake confirmed by the international press

System Shock manifests itself with the inevitable trailer with me international press awardsapparently enjoyed Warren Spector’s remake of the classic.

In reality, not all opinions on the game are enthusiastic, given that System Shock’s ratings have ranged from good to unsatisfactory, but there is such a project going to emerge. mixed reactions.

In our System Shock review, we’ll see how this remake makes for an excellent graphics review and the game is still up to datedespite the perception of offending historical fans.

“In many ways, we can consider it a successful operation, freed from some of the issues with the combat system, and where it makes sense only as a celebration of the original title,” our Simone Tagliaferri wrote in her article. “Well done, it’s a nice dome for the nostalgic, but it doesn’t add much to the overall story.”

The System Shock remake has been available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions since May 30.

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