Death Stranding movie: Hideo Kojima won’t be a director but will handle everything else

Considering the style and taste Hideo KojimaIt might be surprising if he didn’t direct it. Death Stranding moviebut we can still be sure that it is in a strong way. about almost everything: produce, control, write and more.

As we know, the presence of Hideo Kojima is so common in video games that he even creates real memes where the designer’s name appears in almost all creative and development-related roles, without straying too far from reality. tell the truth

Despite this, Kojima will not be the director of the movie Death Stranding, and he made it clear in a tweet recently, but he said “deeply concerned“To be clear, I am deeply involved in the production, supervision, writing, visual, design and content work of the film adaptation of Death Stranding, apart from directing,” said Kojima.

But we still don’t know who he is. manager He was chosen for Death Stranding, but given the game designer’s interest in the world of cinema, it’s possible that he’s also an important name. For the rest, we know the movie is now confirmed and co-produced by Hideo Kojima and Alex Lebovici, while we await more information.

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