One Piece Netflix series Tudum 2023 trailer reveals release date and shows off characters

TV series a piece With real-life gamers from Netflix release date: On 31 August 2023. trailer Shown on the occasion of Tudum 2023, which also revealed some of the characters featured in the series, among them apparently Chopper will be missing, not appearing in any of the sequences.

What about the rest? Series Eichiro Room It has an effect in the real version, and fans will be happy to recognize some of the locations and enemies seen in the manga and anime version.

Tudum is a global event organized by NetflixOffering a preview of the latest news on TV series and video games. The broadcast of the event is carried out in 29 different languages, thus ensuring the participation of an international audience. Tudum, which was broadcast live from Sao Paulo this year, features celebrities such as Alia Bhatt, Henry Cavill, Jamie Dornan, Gal Gadot, Chris Hemsworth, Maisa and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The name Tudum is inspired by the iconic voice that promotes series and movies on the Netflix platform. Attitude will take place from 16-18 June 2023.

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