System Shock, a video comparing the remake to the original game

System Shock is the hero of the new comparison videos made by ElAnalistaDeBits remake and original game 1994 to highlight the many differences between the two products.

Immediately number one on Steam with very positive reviews from users, System Shock was redesigned from the ground up on a technical level, but retained one, as you can see. largely faithful style to the first version.

In our System Shock review, we highlighted the excellent work Nightdive Studios has done in this regard, and the quality of an admittedly difficult and complex remake overall, but also for the inevitable fear of not satisfying fans of the original.

“System Shock remake makes sense in an industry where remaking games of the past seems like the only way to avoid the complete aphasia of designing video games in a certain way,” Simone Tagliaferri wrote in her article.

“In many ways, we can consider it a successful operation, freed from some of the combat system issues, and it only makes sense in celebration of the original title. Well done, it’s a nice dome for the nostalgic, but it doesn’t add much to the general discourse.”

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