Apple’s VR/AR viewer’s dreadful features revealed in a leak

Looks like it’s uncovered a leak features between VR/AR headset HE Apple It will be presented during WWDC 2023 next week. It looks like the device has some truly monstrous components, starting with a dual 4K display with a density of 4000 ppi.

A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal announced that the Apple audience would greatly outpace the competition, and these latest rumors would confirm that, with more and more expectation to come. official statement.

The information comes from Ross Young, a prominent on-screen analyst who stands as a very reliable source for all that revolves around the Cupertino home. Young claims the device will boast of one. micro oled display with excellent color rendering and outstanding energy efficiency.

The size of the screens will be equal to: 1.41 inch for one eyeAs indicated by 4K resolution and 4000 ppi density, but also with a contrast equal to 4000:1 and a peak brightness of more than 5000 nits.

Of course, as you know, rumors also talk about something. price It’s far from accessible to the audience, which can hit stores for close to $3,000: that much money will have to be paid to take home an experience that promises to be truly special.

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