Dragon Ball: The Breakers trailer presents Season 3 with the Ginyu Task Force

There Season 3 related to Dragon Ball: Crushers Presented by Bandai Namco with a trailer: available from June 9 (with a public beta from May 31), Ginyu Task Force as the new Reaper.

After Season 2 with Vegeta and Nappa, asymmetric multiplayer Therefore, if you’ve read or seen the Frieza saga, you’ll definitely recognize the arrival of Ginyu and his teammates.

Naturally, the developers couldn’t help re-creating the joke of the “pose” of the Ginew Special Team, in front of which a small group of Survivors remained baffled: It will be interesting to understand what mechanics will accompany the characters in question.

In addition to the new Reapers, Dragon Ball: The Breakers Season 3 will also include: two new looks Exactly for Survivors: Dende and King Kaioh. Finally, all users will be able to get the new Snowy Mountain map.

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