Suicide Squad Isekai announced with a trailer: DC Comics series becomes an anime

Also presented during Anime Expo 2023 Suicide Squad Isekaian adaptation of spirits celebrities DC Comics serieswith a notable variation on the classic Japanese animation style.

A presentation trailer aired around this time and shows something of the particular style adopted, which strangely alters the typical look of Harley Quinn and the Joker for what we can see in the few seconds of animation.

It looks like these two are the protagonists of the anime in question and are waiting to find out more.

Since it is an isekai, this one also has the typical characteristics of the genre: from what we can see, it seems like the two characters are carried together. strange and different world as usual. In the short scenes presented we actually see dragons and floating islands, these things definitely suggest a different setting than usual.

There’s still no release date for this Suicide Squad Isekai, but in the meantime official site there will probably be news about it. Meanwhile, on the gaming front, we’ve seen Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League delayed to 2024.

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