F-Zero: ex Nintendo sees Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as reason for series freeze

Takaya Imamura, a former developer Nintendo who should work on the series F-Zeroexplained why VGC froze on their microphones, and it seems like Mario’s house doesn’t want to devote some resources to animating him. would be the main reason Mario Kart 8 Deluxei.e. the tremendous success of the Mario racing series, which makes it unlikely that another racing game will be released to match it.

F-Zero won’t be back

The F-Zero series has been frozen for years

More precisely, a imamura He was asked why the F-Zero series received much less attention than others like Star Fox, whose success was not so great anyway. The senior developer then replied:

“I think it’s because Mario Kart is Nintendo’s most popular racing game and a new F-Zero costs a fortune. I get the impression that Miyamoto-san is really fond of Star Fox.”

in short stratospheric success The Mario Kart series, especially Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch, will hinder the arrival of a new F-Zero that would cost a lot in itself. Considering that launching an F-Zero with the last Mario Kart extended lifespan for Nintendo would be tantamount to competing stand-alone, we ourselves have no problem believing Imamura’s thesis.

It’s impossible to say if the F-Zero series is entirely dead or whether we hope to see it return in the future (in the world of video games, one can never say, given that games like Zool, Bubsy or the future Croc also hit the market). Nothing really is on the horizon for now, and even rumors about it are rare and not at all credible. Fans can just wait.

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