Omori has been removed from the Xbox Store on PC and consoles without any explanation.

Omori apparently so Disappeared from Xbox Store on PC and consolesWith no explanation from either Microsoft or developer Omocat, it seems like one of the weirdest situations the game has put us in.

The truth is, Omori has disappeared for a few days: the title doesn’t appear on the Xbox Store, but it’s still available if you do a specific search. Only, in this case, we arrive game page but for some reason it is impossible to buy.

This disappearance brings with it another downside: the PC version on the Xbox Store was the only one that allowed access. “console exclusive” content Therefore, uninstalling the game makes it impossible to access the full experience in the PC version even if purchased from other sources.

However, it may be lost momentary and just depend on updates to fix this missing content issue, or do contracts expire sometime? It should also be said that Omocat was never a particularly talkative developer, which makes it all the more difficult to learn about it.

Omori launched as a surprise on Xbox Game Pass and was also regularly available for purchase on the Xbox Store until the end of last month. We look forward to seeing how this issue evolves.

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