Stupidity of the week returns to with a special episode for its 25th anniversary

25 is the right age to contract venereal disease. But if you are such a website How are you? Simple: Fabio Palmisano and Andrea Palmisano, known as the Palmisano brothers, two historical figures of our cracking site, record a new episodestupidity of the week, the video column that was canceled by a conspiracy of powerful forces aims to silence the searing statements the duo offers us every week… every now and then the powerful forces do something good. Frankly, there are conspiracies too.

they are back

How to comment on this beauty concentrate? Let's not comment on this and talk about something else. How is the climate treating you? Is everything okay in the family? Have you bought Pianesani's sexy calendar?

All kidding aside, our parents are always in the car where they spend 90% of their day, and they have a ton of nonsense to tell us for almost 20 minutes. If you want them to come back permanently, watch the video a lot and increase the counter. YouTube to infinity and beyond.

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