Diablo 4: patch 1.3.2 allows you to craft the rarest items (at a remarkable price)

Blizzard has decided to allow players to: craft the rarest items related to Diablo 4 comes with something new patch 1.3.2 available during these hours, but for a fee.

“Thanks to this system, you will be able to retrieve your belongings.”Uber Unique” Preferred, but we'd have to sacrifice 5 items of the same rarity level to do it, so it's quite a high cost for a single reward.

The developers actually realized that players have certain preferences for some specific objects, and each has its own tendencies; so a super rare object is in no way worth the same as an object of equal rarity.

5 Uber Unique items that you can get one of your choice

Diablo 4 continues its evolution

Diablo 4's best boss is Uber Duriel %2 The possibility of dropping an Uber Unique item after being defeated puts it into good perspective and definitely makes it harder to craft your favorite item.

Being able to collect five such rare objects This is something that requires significant commitment, dedication and time, so not many people will be able to take advantage of the opportunity offered, but among the most fanatic players there will definitely be someone with the skills to use the system.

“We want to give players more freedom regarding the possibility of getting the Uber Unique they want,” Blizzard explained when introducing the option, but that doesn't seem like a huge amount of freedom that everyone can access.

In any case, the risks are very high, so it is right that the use of this system remains strictly selective. In the meantime, we would like to remind you that a limited-time Lunar Awakening event is available.

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