Foamstars: very negative reviews from the public and critics

foam stars Players don't like it very much either game stationAlthough it is given as a gift with a PlayStation Plus subscription (all levels) criticism. Initial reactions were truly negative, improving slightly as the days went by, but never reaching a truly positive rating. The user metascore currently stands at 6.7, and the few critical reviews available are generally very harsh towards the game.

What do users say?

Foamstars did not convince

Overall almost all players agree that this is an extremely confusing and chaotic game, but criticisms vary widely, from those who find the killing unrewarding to those who dislike the very childish nature of it. It must be said that some people appreciate it for this very reason, which might lead one to think: wrong target recommending this over a less refined title.

Critics also waver in the same positions. THE votes For now they are few in number and not very bright; Screen Rant's score of 70 seems to be the highest. In general, the press has highlighted what a malicious, unpraiseworthy product it has been so far. Metro GameCentral is about a game that doesn't quite succeed but desperately wants to please. Kotaku talks about a crapshooter, while CGMagazine says it's not bad, but it turns out to be uninspired and devoid of substance. Everyone highlights the existence of invasive microtransactions, going so far as to talk about an “obscene” monetization system.

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