Street Fighter 6: New alternate costumes for Juri, Guile and more leaked in sketch

street fighter 6 about to receive another delivery alternative costumeswhat should be the third package especially for new clothes? Juri, Guile, Marisa and Dee JayAccording to what has emerged, these interesting artworks have surfaced on Instagram.

These images are not from the game, drawings however, the preparations that give a good idea of ​​what we will encounter when the package in question is released, and especially Juri’s new outfit stands out among them. With a tailored baggy jumpsuit with a very wide neckline at the front, this could be a pack that will please many fans.

For the rest, we find Marisa in a one-of-a-kind wedding dress, Dee Jay in ’70s flamboyant style, and Guile in bourgeois military attire, but it seems like she hasn’t given up on her patriotism for a truly exclusive range of different outfits.

Juri, Guile, Marisa and Dee Jay’s new outfits

Juri’s is likely, given that it’s both completely different from his standard costume and extremely broad in shape. animations It’s pretty weird to see it in action.

Even Marisa’s dress shows remarkable style, it’ll be interesting to see it ported to 3D in the game’s graphics, while Guile and Dee Jay’s new outfits are overall a bit more traditional and fit with the characters.

We recently saw a 24-minute gameplay video of Street Fighter 6 with Rashid, during a gaming tournament recently a nude mod of Chun-Li appeared and was suddenly interrupted.

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