Diablo 4: Players exploiting seasonal exploits are banned

It seems so snowstorm He uses an iron fist against his players. Diablo 4 who usedseasonal abuse These days, he also uses different methods. Forbidden Seriously, for those caught using this system, it’s clearly not considered normal.

allowed number transfer characters From the Eternal Realm to the Seasonal Realm, which was blocked by the last patch, but apparently that wasn’t enough to set things right. Players caught using such a system were also banned in large numbers for various reasons. References also collected on Reddit.

What was the Diablo 4 season exploit?

With the launch of Season 1, Diablo 4 also introduced the ability to create seasonal characters that should stand apart from other characters in the standard realm. These share some progress but items, gold and loot in general they should have remained separate for the two areas.

But players soon found a way to mix the two: by logging into Diablo 4 with a standard character from the Eternal Kingdom, it was possible to create a team with a Seasonal Character used by another player and then log out.

This allowed the standard character to stay in the Seasonal Realm and receive items and rewards very simply. This system was: Shut Down by Blizzardbut apparently it was exploited by many, so much so that the software house had to resort to massive amounts of bans.

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