Magic the Gathering: Fallout, Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed cards coming soon

Gathering Spell is preparing for new collaborations with cross over also with various video game franchises, including Fallout, Final Fantasy, and Assassin’s Creedwill have their own cards reproduced in said game world.

The famous card-based RPG is approaching its 30th anniversary, and on this occasion, it has decided to expand further to embrace the others. universesin fact, it is quite far from the classic fantasy environment of the brand.

Among the Magic cards we’ll see coming soon, some will be dedicated to Fallout, the Bethesda Game Studios series: a set of Commander Decks in the Brotherhood of Steel or Enclave, with references to the post’s gaming world. – like hell.

Other decks will be related to Assassin’s Creed instead, while others will be related to Final Fantasy. Fallout cards are expected to arrive from: March 2024but they’ll be released quite a while later: Assassin’s Creed will arrive in July 2024, and Final Fantasy’s will arrive in 2025.

Magic: a roadmap full of collaborations

Magic the Gathering in 2024: planned initiatives

The picture above shows a kind of Road map All of this additional content planned for Magic: The Gathering through various collaborations organized by Wizards of the Coast.

In particular, Fallout cards will be arranged in “Commander Decks” or some decks related to the series in question. Assassin’s Creed cards fall under the Booster category, meaning sets that fall under this part of the card game. sherry.

Just these days, we learned that the very rare and precious Magic card The One Ring was purchased by Post Malone for an unknown but enormous sum.

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