State of Play September 2023 announced: date, time and which games will be shown

Sony Interactive Entertainment announces the next Game Status. History September 14, 2023 and time 23:00 Italian time. It will be possible to follow the event on YouTube, Twitch and also TikTok.

As for what we can expect from the event, it has been stated that it will be a special show. indie titles, PS VR2 games, and major upcoming third-party games.

Therefore it seems We don’t have to wait for Sony’s AAA game announcements For PS5. We recommend that you keep your expectations low anyway.

State of Play and Nintendo Direct: a busy September 14

PS VR2 will be at the center of some announcements

September 14, 2023 therefore Game Statusbut it will also be the day of the Nintendo Direct. Among other things, both programs have been at the center of rumors for several days.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out exactly what the two livestreams will show, but tell us: Which of the two interests you more? So which one do you think will satisfy you the most?

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