Among Us: Authors consider removing game to protest Union tax

As we reported before, Unity decided to change the rules of the development engine. The most controversial of the new features is the inclusion of a fee (exceeding certain amounts) that must be paid by the developers for game installation by the user. Obviously this hasn’t been digested by many development teams and everyone is reacting in various ways. For example, Forest Willard – programmer Innersloth (Among Us) – he said they could be too uninstall the game While looking for a solution to the problem.

“We are lucky to have the resources to do this.” change engines and I don’t see the point in paying Unity for anything while we’re doing this,” Willard said. “I hope they back off, but honestly, they should be afraid of how much trust they’re burning with this maneuver.”

“I bet Steam, Epic, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft would be happy to see waves of developers pull their games,” Willard added. “Innersloth has always paid Unity appropriately for the licenses and services we use. I’m not one for small talk, but this is uncalled for and will force me to fend for myself.”

Willard flagged Unreal and Godot as potential alternatives for developers looking to move away from the Unity platform, adding that they are “patiently waiting for Luxe”, described as a “free, cross-platform, rapid development” alternative engine.

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